I’ve been working on improving my actual painting skills. This past weekend I painted all weekend, punctuated with periods frustration and vowing to never paint again, and then picking it up again to try and continue.

I finished 5 paintings all together, and here is one of them.

I hope you dig



Marginal drawings-1

These are a sample of a project I’m doing whose working title is “Marginal drawings”. (More on the project in future months)

They are “marginal” because:

1-I literally draw them in the margins of things: margins of books, margins of meeting agendas, leftover space in sketch books etc.

2- I do them with the time I have left over when I’m not doing other work, and make myself draw something just to keep my skills sharp.

3- They “marginally good”, meaning I can knock them out pretty quick and I don’t put a ton of thought into them. Some are better than others, but with the project I’m going for volume. They are just a way to let my mind wander and draw something. Plus I think they are pretty fun.

Hope you dig





Our Hamama’s a Mama!

Our Hamama’s a mama!

I arrived home about a week ago to jetlag, a summer cold, a happy husband, and the newest addition to our home animal kingdom: hamama.

Funny enough, “Hamama” is not a clever name B gave her; it’s the arabic word for pigeon/dove. At least it is in our town. As far as we know.

Anyway, our hamama is a mama! The other day I saw some unusual movement on the far side of her nest and discovered the teenist bird I’ve ever seen. I tried to capture little bits on film, but the lighting was pretty tricky. Here are a few shots of Hamama and her twins.

Anyone else have surprise members of their home animal kingdom this summer?


Noah’s Hope

This is a 16×20 commissioned work for a Noah’s Ark themed boys room.

After researching it I felt the need to represent some of the more under-represented animals out there: emus, honey badgers, basset hounds, crickets, etc.

There are 35 different types of animals (not counting the fish) and it gave me the opportunity to try out a little different style.

It was important to me to try and represent a “moment” as well as having fun with it.

I hope you dig it,


ps. if you would like a copy of it we have it on sale at



Here is my June offering for your consideration.

This is a picture I’ve done before, but I did it in the new style I’ve been working with.

Hope you dig,




My drawing for the month of May.

I hope you dig,