Christmas show

I have the privilege of showing some work at the Denton Christmas Art/Craft show.

I have created 8 new pieces for the show and I’ll show them off one by one until the show.

This guy is available in 5×7 cards.

The show is the Nov 29th 5-9p and Dec 1st 10a-3p
418 Texas St. Denton, TX 76201

Amber will be there if you want to stop by and say hi.

Hope you dig,



Christmas cards

We are super excited because the “Marginal Series” is now taking its next step this week.

Here is a selection of some of the little Christmas cards we created for the Denton Christmas Arts and Crafts show. These are in a set of six that are small enough for little notes. They are printed with space to write on the front of the card.

Here is a preview of three of the six.

Hope you dig,



It’s the day of the show yall

So a few months back, my buddy Pete told me about a coffee house that had an opening to display some art. He thought it would be cool if I gave them a call to see if I could get accepted. I called; they said yes, and today is the first day of my month long art show EVER!

However I’m still in Oman so I won’t get to see it, but I’m really happy because I’ve never had an art show before, and having my stuff up for a month is pretty exciting.

The coffee house is Buon Giorno Coffee House in Grapevine, and my stuff will be on display till the 31st.

If you go, let me know I’d love to hear from you.


PS: My buddy Pete did all the leg work for me: framing, hanging, making me business cards, and everything. It could not have been done without him. Much thanks!!



The Precious

Amber and I lived for about a year and a half with our friends Trey & Allison Hill, their two awesome kids, and their one not so awesome dog, Millie.

Millie is a Basset Hound and is profoundly stubborn, lazy, finicky, paranoid, demanding, and after living with her for over a year, I grew to love her almost as much as I didn’t like her.

The last time we were home and visiting Trey and Allison, Millie was showing her age a bit. Her reign and time of demanding around her servants is setting. The ole’ girl still exhibited all of her usual qualities, but now even the smallest requests are met with condescending disregard. Her patronizing regal-ness had to be captured and commemorated  before “the precious”  crosses the great rainbow bridge.

There are a few inside jokes here, but I think you can get the idea.

Artwise, this is an attempt at combining two styles I have been working on: pen and ink, and digital coloring. Normally I keep the inside of the pen and ink white and go for a solid background, but it didn’t work the same with this picture. There were too many other elements that got lost in the pure pen and ink. So I had to try and combine the two and I really like the outcome. I don’t know what will come of this combo style, but I’ll just see where it goes.

I hope you dig it.



TV series

Frequently I am frustrated with the fact that I do the majority of my art digitally. It is partly a result of where we live and the difficulty of getting art supplies and also the terrible ease of working digitally: fast, convenient, cheap, and VERY “do-overable”

So I continue to push myself to work with real stuff as much as I can, so this is a series that I did while trying to get some practice with real live watercolors.

In trying to develop my style in watercolor I came across Leontine Greenburg’s work and I was impressed at what she could accomplish with watercolors. Her work is very whimsical, creative, and definitely not the normal “children’s story book” watercolor style. This series was a study on developing my watercolor skills and I used stylistic influences from her work to push me forward and help me try new things. For this, I thank her greatly.

These were each put together from multiple scans so there are little bits of funkyness from stitching them together..but you get the idea.

Hope you dig


PS: Originally I posted this without mention of Leontine’s stylistic influence for this study and Kelly McKernan brought that to my attention. I also thank her for mentioning it to me, and keeping me “honest” 🙂

Her work is fantastic as well, have a look.





Going to the barber here is always fun because you never know what you’re going to walk out with.

Two observations:

1. In Oman EVERYONE wears a head covering of some sort so no one every sees the top of men’s hair. Consequently barbers here never pay any attention to cutting the top of men’s hair, and they aren’t real good at it. However they will spend 45 minutes trimming your side burns and edging the back of your head with a razor to make sure its perfect.

Living here has helped me believe strongly in the mantra “it’ll grow back”.

2. When they cut my hair (non-head covering dude, so opportunity to practice top hair cutting) the most exciting thing for them is the styling time. They never get to style anyone’s hair, so they take out all their creative energies on me.

First they goop the mess out of your hair with various “hair stay put” gels and lotions. Then they style it, and re-style it, once they get it mostly right then they make little adjustments to get it perfect it in the way they think you like it. Never mind that they have never in three years asked me how I want my hair styled…they just intrinsically know. Usually I just smile and say “Wonderful, Exactly, Yes!” and then walk out and put on a cap. However today’s styling was especially wonderful. So I took a picture of it to share.