Christmas Creatures

So this is the full introduction of the “Christmas Creatures”.

They are the culmination of the “Marginal Series”, which was just a collection of little drawings that I did in the “in-between times and places”. So in the “margins” if you will. They took a marginal amount of time, they were marginally good, and many were drawn in the margins of things like scratch paper, lesson plans, and meeting agendas.

Then one day a friend of ours asked me to do a project for her. She said she wanted to give her kids cool lunchbox notes, but every time she drew something on them her kids had no idea what it was. So she asked me if I could draw little pictures for little note cards that she could then write notes to her kids on. Uhh, draw lots of little pictures of quirky stuff. Ya, I can do that. I immediately fell for the idea because I was already doing it, and I have infinity ideas for little ridiculous drawings.

I played around with the format and style for a while and drew about 50 little guys, but in the end I had to scrap all of them and start again. I hate hate hate doing things over, but with Amber’s encouragement I started again with a more cohesive style, and now we are really stoked about them.

We have lots of ideas of where this could go in the future, but for now we are happy having printed these guys out and selling them at the Denton Arts/Craft show this weekend. After the show, we will sell them on the web at my art store.

So here are our “Christmas Creatures”.

I hope you dig them,










  1. Marvelous!!!! The sublety of them all but knocks you over.

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