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Frequently I am frustrated with the fact that I do the majority of my art digitally. It is partly a result of where we live and the difficulty of getting art supplies and also the terrible ease of working digitally: fast, convenient, cheap, and VERY “do-overable”

So I continue to push myself to work with real stuff as much as I can, so this is a series that I did while trying to get some practice with real live watercolors.

In trying to develop my style in watercolor I came across Leontine Greenburg’s work and I was impressed at what she could accomplish with watercolors. Her work is very whimsical, creative, and definitely not the normal “children’s story book” watercolor style. This series was a study on developing my watercolor skills and I used stylistic influences from her work to push me forward and help me try new things. For this, I thank her greatly.

These were each put together from multiple scans so there are little bits of funkyness from stitching them together..but you get the idea.

Hope you dig


PS: Originally I posted this without mention of Leontine’s stylistic influence for this study and Kelly McKernan brought that to my attention. I also thank her for mentioning it to me, and keeping me “honest” 🙂

Her work is fantastic as well, have a look.




  1. these pix almost made me want to cry. It’s so true. Beautiful work!

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