The Precious

Amber and I lived for about a year and a half with our friends Trey & Allison Hill, their two awesome kids, and their one not so awesome dog, Millie.

Millie is a Basset Hound and is profoundly stubborn, lazy, finicky, paranoid, demanding, and after living with her for over a year, I grew to love her almost as much as I didn’t like her.

The last time we were home and visiting Trey and Allison, Millie was showing her age a bit. Her reign and time of demanding around her servants is setting. The ole’ girl still exhibited all of her usual qualities, but now even the smallest requests are met with condescending disregard. Her patronizing regal-ness had to be captured and commemorated¬† before “the precious”¬† crosses the great rainbow bridge.

There are a few inside jokes here, but I think you can get the idea.

Artwise, this is an attempt at combining two styles I have been working on: pen and ink, and digital coloring. Normally I keep the inside of the pen and ink white and go for a solid background, but it didn’t work the same with this picture. There were too many other elements that got lost in the pure pen and ink. So I had to try and combine the two and I really like the outcome. I don’t know what will come of this combo style, but I’ll just see where it goes.

I hope you dig it.



  1. That is awesome. It looks like you do commission work. Would love to talk to you about that.

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