Going to the barber here is always fun because you never know what you’re going to walk out with.

Two observations:

1. In Oman EVERYONE wears a head covering of some sort so no one every sees the top of men’s hair. Consequently barbers here never pay any attention to cutting the top of men’s hair, and they aren’t real good at it. However they will spend 45 minutes trimming your side burns and edging the back of your head with a razor to make sure its perfect.

Living here has helped me believe strongly in the mantra “it’ll grow back”.

2. When they cut my hair (non-head covering dude, so opportunity to practice top hair cutting) the most exciting thing for them is the styling time. They never get to style anyone’s hair, so they take out all their creative energies on me.

First they goop the mess out of your hair with various “hair stay put” gels and lotions. Then they style it, and re-style it, once they get it mostly right then they make little adjustments to get it perfect it in the way they think you like it. Never mind that they have never in three years asked me how I want my hair styled…they just intrinsically know. Usually I just smile and say “Wonderful, Exactly, Yes!” and then walk out and put on a cap. However today’s styling was especially wonderful. So I took a picture of it to share.


  1. So I’m guessing Amber took one look at you and said, “Bedroom. You. Now.”

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